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Christ-follower, wife, toddler-mom, writer, teacher.

Welcome to my website! Just a little bit about me: I’m a lifelong Jersey Girl –  born and raised in Jersey City, just a few minutes outside of New York City. I still live in the New York Metropolitan Area, just in the ‘burbs now.

I visit my hometown often, as my church, Hope Center Tabernacle, is in JC. That’s where I met Mr. Philip back in 2008. We’ve been married for 7 years. God definitely arranged our marriage. I’m excited to tell you more about that experience as we get to know each other!

IMG_9479We have a 2-year old daughter named Victorie. We picked her name long before she was conceived. Little did we know her healthy arrival into this world was going to be a true victory! She is a spunky, fearless little girl.

I am a proud Latina (Puerto Rican and Panamanian). My husband is Indian – his family is from Kerala – the land of coconuts. We have definitely encountered some challenges as a bicultural family, but our pursuit of the Kingdom of God keeps us united!

Karina Arrue and Nelson Philip's Wedding

In another life, I was a French high school teacher, but I left teaching once I became a mom. I’ve also had stints as a journalist, a freelance writer and a fitness blogger.

I love writing – poetry, prose, fiction.  I enjoy starting journals I never finish, planners, calendars, etc. I just love stationery. And little independent coffee shops, too. (Though I’ll settle for Starbucks or Panera in a pinch!) My favorite things to do are reading and writing. And if I can steal away for a couple of hours to read and write in a coffee shop, I’m in heaven!

I’ve recently taken an interest in gardening, too. This past spring/summer was my first time tending to my own little patch. We grew tomatoes, hot chili peppers and corn, with mixed results. Thankfully, things can only look up from here!

I’ve been a small groups leader for almost 10 years. I love to share God’s Word in an intimate setting. My current group makes fun of me because one of my favorite lines is “I’ve been reading this book…” I hope to share my thoughts on what I’m reading often!

So what’s the point of this website? The Holy Spirit has been gently prodding me for some time to share my writing, so that’s what I intend to do.  Thanks for joining me!



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