It’s 2020! A Life Update

Friends, I’ve missed you! I know it’s been quiet on here, so I wanted to give you a quick update. In the last quarter of 2019, my prayer was, “God, increase my capacity.” Things were a little nuts, but I can see now that God responded to my request! Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. SCHOOL: I survived my first semester of grad school. I cannot even begin to express how much I’ve been stretched in the last four months. I’ve shed tears and pulled semi-all-nighters. (I’m just too old for zero sleep…)  I’ve wondered in the wee hours of the morning what the value of MLA format really is… And on days where it was too much, I cried out to God – “You called me to do this, so equip me!” And He has. Over and over again.
  2. MINISTRY: My family’s ministry involvement went through some dramatic changes this year. We’ve been serving at a sister church location since the summer time. More stretching!
  3. WRITING: In August/September of this past year, the Holy Spirit told me to start freelancing again. He instructed me to write one piece a month for an outside magazine or website, starting with a specific article I was to pitch to a specific magazine. I thought maybe I wasn’t hearing right, but then the initial article got published! The Holy Spirit doesn’t make mistakes, friends. By the grace of God, I’ve been able to publish one article a month from September through December. I pitched the first one, but the other three were commissioned. Here they are, in case you want to check them out:

You’ll notice a new Freelance page on my blog  – that’s where I plan to archive anything I publish in the future. It’s also a landing page with info about me for any publication that might want to hire me to write or copy edit for them.

I’m excited for more writing opportunities in this new year!  What are you excited for in 2020?

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash



  1. You were definitely stretched the last 4 months, honey. But I’m happy and super proud of how you’ve come up on top. With you in this for 2020 and the long run.

  2. You are an amazing example in so many areas. I have follow you before you even knew I was there!! Your journey would make a great book or film. I pray you’re able to balance your life so everything is taken care of ! Please don’t hesitate to let me know how I can support your endeavors. Your sister, another one of your cheerleaders, Love you!!!

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