Hello & Happy New Year!

Hi Friends!

Are you still out there? Sorry for my long hiatus and Happy New Year!

If you’re curious about my absence, here’s what happened:

Towards the end of September, my husband and I began a 40-day consecration period that included fasting from food, but also TV, social media, etc. I had every intention of continuing to update the blog, but as I spent more time with the Lord, it became clear that I needed to put blogging on hold too.

The Holy Spirit began to reveal some things in my heart that needed to be worked out, such as an increasing obsession with metrics – the number of visitors to my site, how many comments and likes I was getting, etc.

Certainly a larger audience is a good thing. And interactions with readers are always encouraging. But this blog originated in the heart of God, so pleasing Him should always be the primary metric used to determine its success! And second, you guys are not just numbers, but beating hearts, and souls. God was purifying my motives.

I am grateful for the realignment. I had such a rich time of fellowship and intimacy with the Lord during those 40 days that I was a bit forlorn when it ended.

Then it was crunch time – we needed to get ready for our big trip to India – something we had been planning for all year!

We spent 3 glorious weeks visiting family and serving at a local church my in-laws planted in a small town in Kerala. I actually started writing this post there, but at the tail end of our trip, my grandmother passed away. So we came home from India, and less than 48 hours later, my daughter and I were on a plane to Panama.

We were there for a week to take care of my abuela’s last rites and reconnect with family. We’ve been back since Christmas Eve but it’s been tough regaining a sense of normalcy. I know it was only God that carried us us through the jet lag and the grief.

I have so much to say in the coming days about our time in India, and about my abuela too. Excited to reconnect with you all!

How were your holidays?

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

  1. Woohoo! She’s back. Holidays were so awesome but I’m just excited for what 2019 will bring! Good things are coming!

  2. Oh dear friend, so good to hear your “voice.” I hope toddler travel wasn’t traumatic, for either of you. I look forward to your reflections on Kerala, Panama, and all the rest! Love to your family!

    1. Rene!!! Victorie did so well with all the travel time. Took her about a week on each end to adjust to the time zone tho. But we survived! XOXO

  3. Happy New Year Karina! I’m sorry about abuela. 🙁 Your pictures from India were amazing. It looked like your daughter had a blast!

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